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Grenfell Tower fire disaster  


Hello, and SAX UP YOUR LIFE. 

I published a video which is in support of those affected by the Grenfell Tower fire disaster that started on 14 Jun 2017

To lose one's home and possession is bad enough, but to be unable to receive or accept support because of one's status in the country is frustrating and a terrible predicament to be in. 

The idea that a large group of people were advised to wait together in a room for help and died expecting someone to come to their aid is too sad for words. 

I can only imagine how awful that situation must be and pray that neither myself nor anyone I know would ever have to lose a loved one or a home due to greed, neglect or any other reason. 

There is a charity to help these unfortunate victims, and I hope they have received something from this charity


"Bridge Over Troubled Water" was chosen as their charity song, this is a Simon & Garfunkel hit composed by Paul Simon. 

I perform on 3 of my  instruments; starting off with my FLUTE, also known as "The Magic Flute, my Alto SAX, aka "The Charmer" and my Tenor SAX, aka "The BOSS!!! 

Sax Up Your Life with "BAKER STREET" 

CONTACT: teachme@saxupyourlife.com 


Is a recording from my Read Black & White (Part One) album. 

This is a very memorable song, which has one of those great Saxophone rifts that you just can't get out of your head. When I tell people it has two instrumental solos, people often forget that there is a very prominent Guitar solo also, they only remember the SAX solo, which is fine with me. I play along with the guitar solo and they compliment each other very well I think.

Go to www.SaxUpYourLife.com or www.sandragrantladysaxophonist.com where you can get your hands on it. 

#BakerStreet was a BIG HIT by Gerry Rafferty. I have been asked numerous times to play it so I now have it on my album, where you can hear me play it again, and again, and again and infinitely AGAIN! 

On this recording I play two Saxophones; alto and tenor SAX and I sing. 

If you would like me to perform a private show for you via the internet, from a 5 minute session to an hour or more, go to www.saxupyourlife.com and get in touch. I can also do live performances in person if you prefer. 

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Sax Up Your Life  

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Hello SAXOPHONE and FLUTE LOVERS from around the world.  

I have a new YouTube channel and website called Sax Up Your Life. It is the only place where you can book a special private concert on the internet with your choice of songs being performed just for you live, on the SAXOPHONE or FLUTE!    

I will perform all styles and genres, from Jazz, Pop, Calypso, African, Blues, Latin, Classical, Gospel, Funk, Soul, Rock, Heavy Metal, Punk, Country, Reggae and much more, to nursery songs.  

Yes, my music is for all ages to enjoy, from seniors to minors and all nationalities too.   

SAX UP YOUR LIFE is for cool folks who want to make a great first impression on a first date and want to make it a special and memorable day, with a dedication song performed live on the internet  

For folks who have someone dear to them who will be celebrating a special forthcoming event and want to surprise them on that day with a live performance from Sax Up Your Life on the internet.  

SAX UP YOUR LIFE is for a Father's Day, Mother's Day, Birthday, Anniversary Day or Remembrance Day.  

For folks who would like to say a special thank you to their Boss or Employee!  

To get up close and personal with me at SAX UP YOUR LIFE  book your show!

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I had initially decided to dedicate my website and you tube channel.”SAX UP YOUR LIFE”, for teaching people how to play the Saxophone; beginners and advance.

I toyed with the idea for 2 or 3 years. I never got started because I kept being derailed. Then I saw musicians on you tube performing music in their homes, and then I thought??!!! ….I’d much prefer to do that! 

I will still give tips, instructions and share ideas about playing the saxophone and make it Fun, But I’m going to concentrate mainly on performing great fun songs for saxophone and flute lovers instead.

I do hope you find my videos a lot of fun. I always add a little humour to them.


Introducing SAX UP YOUR LIFE