Grenfell Tower fire disaster


Hello, and SAX UP YOUR LIFE. 

I published a video which is in support of those affected by the Grenfell Tower fire disaster that started on 14 Jun 2017

To lose one's home and possession is bad enough, but to be unable to receive or accept support because of one's status in the country is frustrating and a terrible predicament to be in. 

The idea that a large group of people were advised to wait together in a room for help and died expecting someone to come to their aid is too sad for words. 

I can only imagine how awful that situation must be and pray that neither myself nor anyone I know would ever have to lose a loved one or a home due to greed, neglect or any other reason. 

There is a charity to help these unfortunate victims, and I hope they have received something from this charity


"Bridge Over Troubled Water" was chosen as their charity song, this is a Simon & Garfunkel hit composed by Paul Simon. 

I perform on 3 of my  instruments; starting off with my FLUTE, also known as "The Magic Flute, my Alto SAX, aka "The Charmer" and my Tenor SAX, aka "The BOSS!!! 

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