Sax Up Your Life with "BAKER STREET"



Is a recording from my Read Black & White (Part One) album. 

This is a very memorable song, which has one of those great Saxophone rifts that you just can't get out of your head. When I tell people it has two instrumental solos, people often forget that there is a very prominent Guitar solo also, they only remember the SAX solo, which is fine with me. I play along with the guitar solo and they compliment each other very well I think.

Go to or where you can get your hands on it. 

#BakerStreet was a BIG HIT by Gerry Rafferty. I have been asked numerous times to play it so I now have it on my album, where you can hear me play it again, and again, and again and infinitely AGAIN! 

On this recording I play two Saxophones; alto and tenor SAX and I sing. 

If you would like me to perform a private show for you via the internet, from a 5 minute session to an hour or more, go to and get in touch. I can also do live performances in person if you prefer. 

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