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Are you having a party?

Great! But you know what that means don’t you! Dealing with the headache of “Finding the right Entertainment!”

Well guess what! I have a Magic Tool; (The Saxophone), which makes me perfect for any event.

So what are you waiting for? (SAXUPYOURLIFE.COM with me and Get in touch now!

What kind of party is it? Is it an Engagement Party? A Wedding? A surprise Birthday Party at your place of work or your Anniversary?  And by the way, CONGRATULATIONS from SAX UP YOUR LIFE.COM.

You know that in order to get the best out of your special day, (apart from the company of family and friends), you need to have the right Entertainment!

Everyone loves the SAXOPHONE and the FLUTE, that’s a no-brainer, so SAXUPYOURLIFE.COM with me and Get in touch now!

Do you prefer saxophone and Ibiza style of music? How about Saxophone and Jazz, Saxophone and Latin, African, Caribbean, Reggae, Asian, Pop? Whatever genre you require with Saxophone or Flute, don’t forget to get in touch early at SAXUPYOURLIFE.COM.

Are you launching a Business? Entertaining at Home, at a Sports-Club, Night-Club, Hotel or an Embassy? Well don’t do it without The Magic Tool, which is everyone’s most favourite instrument, The SAXOPHONE. Do it with SAXUPYOURLIFE.COM and Get in touch now!

By the way, I also do Saxophone & Flute TRIBUTE Shows such as Tina Turner Tribute on the Saxophone or Flute, Louis Armstrong Tribute on the Saxophone or Flute, Bob Marley, The Rat Pack, Nat King Cole, Sade, Whitney Houston, Luther Vandross, Barry White, George Michael, Abba, to name but a few. Whatever artist you can think of, I could do Tributes of on the SAX or Flute just for you on your special day.

Now if you are concerned that the Saxophone might be too loud for a House Party, no problem! I am able to play that saxophone no louder than you can speak!

 (I’m happy to travel abroad to your event, nowhere is too far……. except the moon.)

So SAXUPYOURLIFE.COM with me, Get in touch now! And lets P A R.…….TY!


For T-Shirts: 


Hello Saxophone Lovers,

I have created something just for you in mind.

A Chic Saxophone Clothing line which has casual and formal wear with many different styles and colours to choose from. There is something for everyone, young and old.

If you have a love for music or the saxophone this is definitely for you.

There are formal and informal clothing, all showing images of the Saxophone.

From t-shirts to tank tops, Jumpers to hoodies and Children’s garments too.

This is the best thing you can find to show just how much the Saxophone means to you.

Get yours HERE! 


 For CD Downloads: 

Hello Saxophone Lovers,

I have created something just for you in mind.

5 Great Saxophone Download Albums. Featuring Original songs, Jazz In Blues, Dance, as well as popular songs which were and still are big hits.

There is Smooth jazz and smooth pop which you can use to relax with. Rock songs and Jazz in Blues. Music featuring the alto and tenor saxophones and flute. Instrumental and vocal songs for relaxing and getting down with.

My own compositions are not the usual love songs. One of them called

“Dorian Gray’s Obsession”, (based on the novel “The Picture Of Dorian Gray”, by Oscar Wilde) from my album called “She’ll Blow Your Mind with Dangerous Grooves”, is all about the desire for eternal youth. Another is called “Secrets Of The Heart” which is all about mad obsession and jealousy from a person who does not quite realise that they have lost their mind, this features on my album “She’ll Blow Your Mind with Jazz in Blues”

My 5 albums have something special for everyone, young and old.

If you have a love for music featuring the saxophone, this is definitely for you.

There are dance songs and sad songs, fun songs like the instrumental entitled “Dirty Rascals”, mad songs like “Dorian Gray’s Obsession” and creepy songs like “Secrets Of The Heart”, all showing off the different moods of the Saxophone.

These albums have the best songs that you can find which covers a wide genre suitable for all music taste buds. The instrumental, “Jazz In Blues,” features both Saxophones, Flute and Guitar, all challenging each other to a musical showdown and only you the listener can determine which one wins “My other composition; “Lullaby Of Horror”, is about another musical showdown between Saxophones, Flute and Guitar. Now you may associate the Flute with gentle Angelic sounds, but on this instrumental the flute rises to the occasion and gives as much as it gets from the louder instruments.

My Latin Composition “The happy Flute”, is another of my compositions which can actually lift people’s moods and put permanent smiles on faces. Try it and

Download your albums Here. 


Enjoy my wide range of music genres on my Video page or here; Jazz, PopPop, more Pop, and even more Pop , Calypso, African, Blues, Latin, Latin, more Latin and even more Latin, Classical, Gospel, Funk, Soul, Rock, Rhythm & Blues, Heavy Metal, Punk, Country, Reggae and much more.

book your Entertainment in advance now, and secure your booking with SAX UP YOUR LIFE / FLUTE UP YOUR LIFE. 

I can accommodate all budgets with bookings. 

Special discounts will also be for those subscribed to my mailing list as well as my YouTube channels and to those who have bought/downloaded my CD ALBUMS or T-SHIRTS

I do a lot of House parties and will soon also accommodate that service for you live or over the internet. So no matter where you are in the world I can perform for you.


Please join my mailing list at the bottom of this page or visit my Youtube music channels and subscribe to      SAX UP YOUR LIFE , FLUTE UP YOUR LIFE  or to hear both instruments together SHE'LL BLOW YOUR MIND .

For more details please contact me.

Know that once you have had the SAX UP YOUR LIFE or FLUTE UP YOUR LIFE experience, you will be coming back again for more.  

You will always be welcome. 

Thanks from Sax Up Your Life and FLUTE UP YOUR LIFE. Playing YOUR requests on my YouTube channels is what I like best 





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