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Hello SAXOPHONE and FLUTE LOVERS from around the world and welcome to Sax Up Your Life; The best place for booking private concerts both live and on the internet, with your choice of songs being performed just for you, on the SAXOPHONES or FLUTE! 

I can perform all styles and genres for you, from Jazz, PopPop, more Pop, and even more Pop , Calypso, African, Blues, Latin, Latin, more Latin  and even more Latin, Classical, Gospel, Funk, Soul, Rock , Rhythm & Blues, Heavy Metal, Punk, Country, Reggae and much more, to nursery songs and even your very own unique compositions. 

Yes, my music is for all ages to enjoy, from seniors to minors and all nationalities too.
If you prefer me to help choose your set list for you, I am happy to oblige. 

So you want to impress your boss, or a work colleague. 

Perhaps you are going out on a first date and want to make it a special and memorable day, with a dedication song performed live on the internet, or you have someone dear to you who will be celebrating a special forthcoming event and want to surprise them on that day with a live performance from Sax Up Your Life, then book your show in advance now, and secure your booking with SAX UP YOUR LIFE / FLUTE UP YOUR LIFE. 

I can accommodate all budgets with bookings on the internet. 

All performances will be equally amazing and memorable, whether they are a 5 minute show or one hour plus show. 

By the way, I am happy to do special discounts for regular and repeat internet bookings, for example; For those who would like an every Sunday afternoon performance, before or after your afternoon Brunch, or even sultry numbers for late night evenings. You chose the time and occasions.

Special discounts will also be for those subscribed to my mailing list as well as my YouTube channels and to those who have bought my CD Albums.

I do a lot of House parties and can now accommodate that service for you live or over the internet. So no matter where you are in the world I can perform for you.

There are different CATEGORIES and PRICE LISTS for your SAX UP YOUR LIFE / FLUTE UP YOUR LIFE internet show(s); 

(1) For my compositions. (2) For your choice of cover songs. (3) For your own composition or jingle performed on the SAXOPHONE OR FLUTE. (4) Saxophone tutorials on how to Jazz and improvise, learn how to play your favourite songs on the SAX or FLUTE, etc. (5) A chat about music and anything relating.

Please contact me for more info

A preview and selection of my own compositions which are;
 (a) She’ll Blow your Mind, (b) She’ll Blow your Mind With Jazz In Blues and She'll Blow Your Mind With Dangerous Grooves, can be found at: https://www.sandragrantladysaxophonist.com/store as well as my more recent and very popular albums; Read Black & White (Part One) and New Year and Christmas (Part One) by K-Sandrah Grant

Book a private internet show with SAX UP YOUR LIFE / FLUTE UP YOUR LIFE to get UP CLOSE & PERSONAL!

You can also book the usual, traditional live performance too and have me perform in person.

Please join my mailing list at the bottom of this page or visit my you tube music channel and subscribe to SAX UP YOUR LIFE or FLUTE UP YOUR LIFE (if you prefer the Flute), to make free music requests for your favourite songs to be played on YouTube.

For more details please contact me.

Know that once you have had the SAX UP YOUR LIFE experience, you will come back again for more.  

You will always be welcome. 

Thanks from Sax Up Your Life. Getting up close and personal with my AUDIENCE is what I like best.

For my music albums ; https://www.sandragrantladysaxophonist.com/store



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